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Trendway: Cameo

Cameo works whenever and wherever you need it. Alone or stacked. In offices or open areas. Italian Designer Paolo Favaretto incorporated clean lines in a contemporary design, for a universally appealing and comfortable guest chair that complements all Trendway seating. When you need a crowd-pleaser, count on Cameo.

Trendway: Quincy

Quincy: Extras are standard. Take them for granted in your Quincy chair. Enjoy the comfort of a plush contoured seat and back. Experience the ease with which you can adjust Quincy to your size and preferences. And finally, a price that lets you relax.

Trendway: In

In is a progressive work of art for the art of work. Individual expression. Impactful design. In utilizes the best technology available with everything you'd expect from German engineering and design. When you need a fashionable family of seating to complement Trendway systems furniture, go with the In crowd.

Trendway: Prelude

Prelude prides itself on what matters most: versatility. Varied users. Varied tasks. Dramatic curves give Prelude an unexpected look and feel in a fundamental design. Choose from an array of seating styles to compliment Trendway systems furniture. Pick Prelude for its profile and performance.

Trendway: Choices Freestanding

Choices freestanding is designed to integrate with the Choices panel system. Many of the freestanding components such as filing, storage, and work surfaces can be reused as panel-hung components, giving you optimum flexibility and value as your needs change.

Trendway: Choices

Choices is an extremely functional, high-value furniture system that consists of panel-hung freestanding products, including filing, storage, and tables that create the foundation for an attractive and functional work environment. It is designed for optimum adaptability and ease of installation. Coming in August, the 2004 additions to this line of office furniture include a new collection of work surface shapes, a number of storage options, keyboard trays, task lighting and new electrical system

Trendway: Contrada Power Arch

Power Arch is a unique system of columns and beams which unobtrusively distributes power and data, defines and divides space and provides lighting.

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