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Design Options: Managing

In the form-follows-function mode, many managers in downsized organizations find themselves wearing more hats and personally handling more phases of projects than before. The need arises, then, to provide space for all the reference materials needed, as well as an in-office meeting area and an area for concentrated task work. A U-unit equipped with a bowfront desk and a stackable overshelf system meets these requirements in a compact footprint.

Design Options: Collaborating

The need to interact, share information and knowledge is critical to facilitating employee productivity. This arrangement supports the team environment, with uninterrupted worksurface spans, abundant storage and nearby file storage. DesignForm worksurfaces allow fluid transitions between curvilinear and rectilinear forms. The DesignForm sweeping top shapes and radius edges are enhancements to our hardworking and durable Elements product line.

Versteel: Vela

An open feeling is acheived by specifying Vela bases and a light wood oval top. The curves of the base and top combine to create a conference table that encourages interaction while not overwhelming the small space. Power and data are handled by using Henri units. When not in use they simply lower into the table top creating a flush surface. The integrated wire management system, available exclusively with Vela, insures that power and data cables are routed directly to the floor.

Versteel: Brattice

Brattice blends style with purpose. Design that works hard and looks great. Comprised of the all steel construction that has made Versteel a top choice for tables that last, Brattice is available with features that simplify room maintenance. Specify Powdercoat bases for superior wear and add tilt-tops and mobility for easy access to floors. Wood edges bring warmth to the table. Companion Chairs with matching finishes enhance any dining experience while stacking out of the way when not in use.

Versteel: Reflexion

Exquisite in chrome and glass, Relexion makes the ultimate occasional table. Versteel also offers a large selection of glass to accommodate your design criteria and is always looking at options for customization. Combine a multi-colored powdercoat base with a traditional top to form a table that is at home in a training facility or an executive office. Integrated glides are a unique detail found on the Reflexion base.

Versteel: Wavelink

WaveLink is the table system that can adjust to the environment and the needs of workers as fast as they change their hats. Ergonomically styled tops and quick linking mechanisms allow users to reconfigure as often as they choose, resulting in configurations that will enhance teamwork. Casters and glides allow as much mobility as you require. WaveLink is also fully compatible with the wide variety of Versteel electrical options.

Hon: 10500

Square Edge. Optional two tone color schemes. Clean, straightforward design. Drawers operate on whisper-quiet ball-bearing suspensions. High drawer sides accept letter or legal files (hangrails standard). Modular or mobile pedestals can be reconfigured quickly and easily. Meets or exceeds industry standards for performance and reliability.

Hon: Solution

Executive High-back chair features pneumatic seat height adjustment, swivel, tilt, tilt tension and tilt lock. Ergonomic design for prolonged comfort and support.


AIS AO2 is a true performance panel systems line. With a broad selection of panel sizes and styles, worksurfaces, storage options and complimenting accessories, AO2 is a complete and versatile panel system. Panels and components are shipped fully assembled and ready to install, and are easily reconfigured for changing workspace requirements.

AIS: MWall

The Wall Program and Regional Wall Service Centers are basic components for distinguishing Herman Miller, Inc.'s solutions for the advancement of the total office environment. The Wall Program and Regional Wall Service Centers are basic components for distinguishing Herman Miller, Inc.'s solutions for the advancement of the total office environment

AIS: Matrix

At Matrix, we take a different approach to designing your office furniture, putting colour and shape to work for your business needs. Our Modular systems can be produced in a variety of configurations, supplying only what you need for each station. The U-shaped workstations allow employees optimal access to their work area with minimal effort, therefore increasing efficiency and reducing unnecessary movement. Designed with today's high-paced and low-overhead business in mind, the Modular workstation offers efficiency combined with your creative touch.

AIS: Z_Panel

The new Z-Panel™ System from AIS combines the best of the traditional design and new technology to offer the most versatile beltline panel option available today for use in a monolithic panel system application

Lacasse: 70

Welcome to Concept 70. Its aesthetics, ergonomics and comfort are distinctly executive class. Extra thick 1 5/8-inch surfaces and two styles of moldings are just some of the upscale features. Concept 70's modular freedom is your ticket to a prestigious office environment that suits your individual style.

Lacasse: Concept 400E

Concept 400E is the original inspired solution from Lacasse and the leader in its category. It's easy to see why. An abundance of shapes, components, colors and finishes, like our spicy Ginger with classic Clay, work together without straining the budget or omitting the finer details. Note the thick 1-inch top and recessed full height modesty panels (3/4 modesty optional). Concept 400E offers a vast selection of workspace and storage solutions for any office size, function and layout.

Lacasse: Concept 3

The genesis of Concept 3 is an ingeniously simple design matrix. Three classic office settings are interpreted in three heights with easy-to-select options that allow individual choice while staying closely connected to the core design. The final mosaic that emerges is always aesthetically pleasing, always functional, always Concept 3.

Lacasse: Concept 2001

Concept 2001 takes modularity all the way. Flexible, compact, elegant and light. That's how your office shapes up with Concept 2001. Concept 2001 energizes your routine with a corner layout that contrasts our Dark Chocolate and Willow Grey with Silver accents. Thick 1-inch edges on work surfaces provide a quality finished look. The feeling is light and spacious and the functionality is complete.

Avenue: Arabesque

Design, modularity construction and synergy are the hallmarks of the ARABESQUE series. Table surfaces can fit together, work in tandem or stand alone. What makes ARABESQUE such an innovative modular concept is the ease with which you can rearrange components. Move, mix and match... and in no time at all you can change a corporate boardroom into a teleconferencing space or training area. And no matter how they are arranged, ARABESQUE components always make a truly distinctive, upscale design statement.

Avenue: Avenue System

Avenue SYSTEM is designed to merge perfectly with any of the Avenue Collection series. The basic options series with its straight lines, modular construction, varied surface thicknesses and wide variety of extra components... Notes with its light, supple forms, arresting curves, and attractive color combinations... Quad with its Zen-style linearity, a subtle mix of laminate, translucent materials and elegant metal accents... Clio, the top-of-the-line office units with extra thick surfaces and distinctively executive style... or youthful and playful Arabesque occasional furniture you can mix and match as needed, ideal for teleconferences... limitless possibilities in the art and science of office furnishing.

Avenue: Avenue System 1.1

With Avenue System 1.1 laminate panels and screens you can set up workspaces, barriers and private areas any way you wish. System 1.1 panels come in a wide range of sizes, colors and shapes, are a snap to assemble and they fit perfectly with existing workstation systems. Unlike fixed partitions, Avenue System 1.1 panels let you create a truly dynamic work environment where you can switch components with ease any time you please... and at lower cost than standard panel systems.

Avenue: Clio

The CLIO series is classic contemporary office styling at its executive best. With solid laminate surfaces, elegant contours, assertive vertical and straight-to-the-issue horizontal lines, it is the perfect environment for making the business decisions that count today.

Avenue: Notes

The Avenue NOTES series makes a truly distinct design statement, reminding us that the science of office furnishing is also a fine art. Striking curves convey a sense of intimacy while serving as signifiers of continuity, flexibility and ergonomic function.

Avenue: Options

True to its name, the Avenue OPTIONS series has continued to grow and evolve, offering you more components than any other Avenue series, to make designing your dream workspace easier than ever. OPTIONS is the master of work surfaces and storage units, with solutions for organizing and optimizing any workspace - from the broad and spacious to the incredibly compact.

Avenue: Quad

QUAD, the latest series in the Avenue Collection, is composed of simple rectilinear shapes, combined with a subtle mix of laminate wood grain patterns or solid colors and metal accents. Influenced by Zen philosophy, QUAD has a pure and linear design, reflecting the simplicity that can be achieved in an office environment. The unique use of vertical and horizontal storage allows you to express your personality while keeping a very functional work environment. QUAD enables you to configure an office in a multitude of layouts, ranging from classical to more modern and executive to teaming environments, using the same components.

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